USB flash drive C27 3.0

Product Code: Pendrive C27 3.0
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Base information

plastic and metal
55 x 20 x 10 mm 
Weight8,8 g                                                   
Available colours in stock

colour of the body
black, white, light blue (299C), blue (072C), dark blue (282C), green (348C), red (485C), pink (255C), yellow (102C), orange (158C), gray
colour of the metal part
black, white, light blue (299C), blue (072C), dark blue (282C), light green (375C), green (348C), red (485C), violet (526C), pink (225C), yellow (102C), orange (158C), gray, silver, gold

Details of marking

Type marking
engraving, fullcolor print (possibility only on white metal part), padprintin
Dimension of the marking front
25 x 13 mm
Dimension of the marking back

25 x 13 mm


White cardbox with windowyes                                                                                                                                                             
Suggested packaging (extra paid)M6, M5, W1, Fr2, T7

Origin and customs code:

Customs tariff code
Country of origin

Additional Information: 
  • possibility of creating 525 combinations
  • the colours of the marking: on color metal part - white, on silver/white metal part - dark gray

Product covered by a lifetime warranty.

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